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Welcome To Saurshakti Solar Pvt. Ltd.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as manufacturer, trader, Engineering procurement & consultancy (EPC) of comprehensive and nature friendly “SYSTEM FOR RENEWABLE ENERGIES”.

“SAURSHAKTI SOLAR PVT LTD” is pioneer in manufacturing, trading, EPC services of excellent quality products. Our trademark is “ SAURSHAKTI SOLAR” becoming popular all over world with best achievement in the market.

About Saurshakti

Our Vision
Our R&D Team
  • Our vision is to develop such products that are cheaper, and  possible to purchase by poor peoples too,  and make awareness about renewable energy, environment all over world.

     Here, We are very happy to put eco-friendly systems  which help to reduce pollution as well as many problem associate with daily life and environment.

  • Our R & D team is always engaged to find out and develop products that are cheaper, high durable, negligible maintenance, excellent quality, non-polluting and eco-friendly, easy operation etc.

    Here, We at glance towards problems of electric load-shading, high electricity bill, costly electric products and wastages of renewable energy. Accumulating whole these problems, we have drawn solution developing cheaper and excellent quality products.

    This is alternative source for those sources that are polluting, costly, non-renewable so trying to help to reduce environmental pollution & increase use of renewable energy  sources. Those products are basically the result of previous many years development of our R &D  team. The central concept is first along with drawings & designs. I am very grateful to them for their patience and tolerance as it progressed from crude notes to its present form.

    Our R & D team is engaged in developing new products. The optimistic idea of this products comes from recognizing the potential synergy of two trends in the world. One of these trends is technological. The same technological revolution that has been responsible for the acute need for awareness about renewable energy and environment.


Our clients